Hinton Harrison: Poetry

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Artisit's Philosophy
Artist's Statement


You are always alert
In your minds eye vision
Is your sense of observation
That gift of seeing but not being seen
Demonstrates what is most important
Safety first in your surroundings
Than being foxy is your charm
That bushy tail loves to dance
As the magic of your genius
Out wits even you at times
As you teach us all to have fun



Plato thought of himself
As a mere man of words
He inspired freethinking
And insight into spirituality
Truth and wisdom in temperance
Was the path to a wholesome just spirit
Plato was a real lover of knowledge
Not content to abide by the multitude
Of opinions and trivial beliefs
He was all about freeing oneself
To shine brightly with all that is
If plato were alive today he would live
In ojai valley of brilliant light beings



From omega point to now
Riding cosmic waves of light
A quantum molecular phenomenon
Embodying the spiritual elements
Dreaming in illuminating visions
In every breath and heart beat
Inducing mystical sacrament
Choosing a peaceful course of action
Enlightening pathways on life's journey



Following my sense of direction
Living in peace soul wisdom
Gently earth walking in prayer
Breathing deeply the glowing light
Witnessing poetic glimmers
In life's every precious moments
Embraced by love for being
Now in.tu.it for all that is



Life is an exciting adventure
Expressing one's own uniqueness
Being happy at liberty
An independent light force
Having an earthly terrestrial thing
Like in the desert are many secrets
Waiting to be discovered
Stimulating sensory perceptions
Of mental images of keen insights
In the eye of intuitive visions
Beep...beep...a road runner star
On the freeway to creativity



In every breath, every foot step
I am consumed by radiant light
Witnessing the magic of spirit
Now in attention of my presence
Every cell vibrating harmoniously
Feeling the energy I am charged
Om Shasta magnetic cosmic force
Has filled my heart with peace
Hiking in prayer the mystic's way



Our home...our mother of all creation
An elemental body third from the sun
The only planet suitable for life as we know it
A quantitative biological evolutionary process
Consisting of all the elements in natural flow
Creating a rhythmic force giving life to organisms
A spontaneous scared communion with
The universal constitution of light of divinity



Swirling in dreamy contentment
Visualizing enshrining my temple
As the heart lotus opens
Into a brilliant beautiful flower
In all its radiant splendor now
Embraced in cosmic illumination
I am infinite light and love
A blazed with passion for life
Rising in intuitive wisdom



A process of transforming the spirit within
An alchemy of eternal elemental forces
Freeing your individual expression
Of child like simplistic innocence
Dancing in the essence of being
The body language of heart love
Flowing with the rhythmic wave
The inherent sense of fluid motion
A personal sacramental dance
Honoring the temple of my soul friend
Awakening my power of healing energy



The sight of starlight is star like
The star radiates the beauty of light
Transcending far beyond its brilliance
Influencing our awareness of its presences
Therefore on our search for truth
Do not be blinded by the light
For truth is only light years away
As we pass through ideas of useless value
Go beyond the horizon of notion
Where singularity enters the black hole
And recycling begins its process
A new star is born again light
Blessing us with its sing.u.clarity



Dreamt of swimming
Deep in the blue sea
Amidst flowing seaweed
In liquid light waves
Translucent form transcends
Into confidence and grace
Beyond all limitations
Inspirit full moon love
Sea Pony star attracts
Match mate in sea heaven



Saw my face in a dinner plate
A reflection and speculation
Ask myself what times are these
That should strain a poet's soul
When reason with good sense
Is a sign of understanding
To see both sides of the story
And not lose the capacity to love
There are so many different ways
To interpret the human code
We have become lost in translation
Living has become so complicated
Stress has become a way of life
Creating slumbering conditions
As anticipation of alarming danger
Fills the air with apprehension
Lost are harmonious relationships
Replaced by a strange fearfulness
Now a wasteland of crushing grief
Gasping for the primal elements
No longer what is material matters
When one loses touch with breath
That precious life giving force
Poeticism existence seizes to exist



We the people have a challenge
The static fundamentalist disregard
For the roots of true democracy
Which grows in the spirit of tolerance
A healthy attitude of freethinking and choice
Foreshore the soul of man is meant to be free
Deeply sanctioned in his inalienable nature
Only dedicated in service to human rights
That enlightened power of willfulness
Our concept of equality for brotherhood
Equal justice and independence for all
Lets not forget the muse of the wise poets
At liberty expressing in every breath
Called forth in every moment of daily life
Not to be on pulpit subservient to the state
Chained to its efficiency under illusion
Forcing us to render to theological authority
Claiming the interest of peoples welfare
Our only welfare is unregimented education
Not excommunication by ecclesiastical authority
The devotion of the majority of the wise
We honor all precious life forms here on earth
And live in dignity and freedom equally
In the art of individual self-government
That treasure we hold dearest to our hearts
With a sense of value and moral direction
We stand at the helm of our own vessel
Steady in every fiber of our star being
A free spirit navigating one's own destiny
Through the mind fields of bigotry and hatred



  Life is sensational impressions of
Fleeting moments of exciting self inquiry
It is difficult to believe when you
Are taught things that are not true
Life brings up many questions like
What is our purpose if it is not love
Creating meaning for our own life is
Ceasing destiny leaping into the unknown
Finding anything that has any meaning
Is worth the challenge of pursuit
Catching a ride on the rippling wave
Of loving consciousness resonates
For being lucky is always an adventures
Quest searching until you find it
This unleashes human potential
The engine for prosperity and peace
Or are we stranded in a desert crippled
By a word, "failure" to communicate
Geology tells us that earth is a living
Organism that can change any moment
It would seem in the best interest for
All to use this time we have wisely
By finding a place beyond right and wrong
A mutual zone of tolerance



Underdog is a sensitive soul
It takes time to win their trust
They have a very keen sense
Of what is going on around them
Cares for the common folks a priority
Always ready to respond to injustice
Will be best friend to the heart
Happiest when busy being creative
Ruff...ruff for this is the year
For underdog star to shine-om


Raven cawing at the sky
Sparks my imagination
As I look into the sun light
Reflecting on my perspective
Walking into the future changes
No questions ever answered
Echoes in my mind form pictures
Help me dream flight through days
Skipping along the pages of life
Takes me on my journey home


That Y chromosome tells
Us all we need to know
Through the senses intuit
The whole of consciousness
Of all enlightened souls
The awareness of oneness
On a cellular heredity journey
Our molecular phenomenon
Pre-encoded in the DNA
Flows the vital lifeblood
One to another transfusion of love
For that precious gift of life


I find myself ceasing destiny
Leaping into the unknown
Looking for meaning in my life
Creating something out of nothing
Riding on the rippling wave
Of adventure searching until
I find what I am looking for
Los Angeles is a magical vortex
Of super gravitational power
There is no escaping this swirling
Pool of creativity of space-time
Diving into it hoping to come out
The other side a better star being
Unleashing my human potential
Kick starting my engine to prosperity

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All text and images copyright 2005, Hinton Harrison - All Rights Reserved