Hinton Harrison: Poetry

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Artisit's Philosophy
Artist's Statement


Standing in this sacred circle
Surrendering all fears
The challenge of our lives
Widen, expand, and reach
Uniting hearts and minds
Gathering in balance
Free from limitations
Going beyond differences
Time of vision, seeing
All life exists within
One heart peace earth walker
Speaking our truth
Bright star tribe being
It is truly a celebration
Let there be much jubilation




Embodiment of soulful energy
In sleek feline form
True balance of body, mind and spirit
You move through time and space
With silence, grace and clairvoyance
Watching over life’s treasure
Lead only by your precious little heart



Soaring high in the heavens
Watching over mother earth
Cleanse our souls
With your feathers
So that the grace of our tolls
Gives us the courage to rise
To our personal power
Over coming the fears
That keeps us from reaching
The highest beauty of being
One with all creation


Raven was a friend of coyote
Both were called the trickster
Because sometimes…just sometimes
They had to trick people
So they could see the truth
Coyote taught commonsense
Raven taught the truth
The law of the universe
Love and compassion
Coyote looked to raven
For wisdom and guidance
So raven being a good friend
Put the moon in the night sky
So coyote could see more clearly
To coyote raven’s way
Of reflecting the sun light
Gave more clarity to see
So began their friendship
What can I learn about myself
From you my bother and sister


Take the birth given freedom to experience
Engaging through a poetic point of view
Casting only a small shadow in the mind
Urging all poetic hearts to open and speak
To the masses to recover your heritage
Through the internet express yourself
Put your soft love for life in your software
Wireless link to the theme of compassion
Stir up some interest “one love, one heart”
Networking mutual respect of individuality
Global poets of freedom, justice and liberty
Rise up creative folks be silenced no more
We have everything to share, be understood
Put the artist in natural order poetic people
Self-empowerment is what the net is all about
Dreaming on a rock and roll pair of dice
On the big globeing chat room networking
To my brothers and sisters all over the glo-be


You are one of the most beautiful birds
Dancing on your wings of air
Making such a fuss and nuisance of yourself
Are you querulous to get my attention
Or are you reminding me the day must begin
You live and play in our daily lives
In the great void of no sense of time
You seem to be so smart and observant
Looking at the world with one eye
As we go about our busy lives


Because of development
And the cutting away of the forest
This rainbow in the form of a fish
Has moved to higher places
Living in cool running streams
And fresh water rivers
Where songs have been written
And stories have been told
Making this beautiful fish
Appealing to the imagination of many
Catch the rainbow if you can
A prize and trophy to the angler
The king fish of the rockies


God in de’skies
Strutting through the cosmos
One with all that is
Grand heavenly being
Originator of karma
Shine on our solar system
On our path of evolution
Sirius being truly the brightest
Way, way cool…dog star


This is the season for fulfilling
The dreams and wishes of others
With peace, love and compassion
For deep in the cradle of our hearts
Lies the essence of all life
That precious gift embodied
In the stable of our being
Is the manger of our intentions
That birthplace which creates
The nature of who we are
Guided by the heavenly light within
Shine brightly this holiday season
Filling the hearts of all those we meet
Along the pathways of our journey
On this precious place called earth
Home to the family of all one people


I love to ride my bicycle
It gets me around town
Up the hills and down
It’s not much to look at
And it makes no sound
Nor does it pollute the air
Parking is no problem
And it costs me no fare
Never stirring up dust
Which makes breathing
On this planet a lot easier
Pedaling as fast as I can
Getting all the free exercise
I need until I come home
To rest for the evening
Then I be dreaming about
Cowboy riding on a bike


A monument to architecural wonder
A city build upon sacred land
Can you hear the voices in the wind
Of the ancient people of the prairies
Who came through the milky way
To enlighten ambers along the path
Awakening intuitive visions
Liberating the minds eye
One with all creation
Dancing to the heart beat of life
Being the dream of the creator
In harmony with all
Willing into the world
Makers of peace and love
Players in the theater of life
The bringers of light of love
Children of the stars
Bless it be all who
Take flight upon wings
Of angels of light
That shine upon the nations
In the city on the prairie
For the earth delights
To feel your compassion
For we are all one people


Coyote yogis mission
Is to gather those who see
That the great mystery lives in all
And to inspire the truth
Of our innermost being
The wisdom of loving-kindness
And the courage to live in peace
On this precious place
We call planet earth our home
Our mother of all life
This is the dream of the creator


You harbored my soul
A friend you were
When I was all-alone
San Francisco
Beautiful city by the bay
You filled my loneliness
And lifted my spirit
You let me express
My inner most feelings
Your beauty sparked
My imagination
Now setting here not knowing
Which way to go
Let me set sail
You have my heart
I lost a friend to despair
A shot heard around the world
Now his soul rest in peace
A friendship I will treasure
As I explore the world


A union of people
A blend of past and present
Riches of your fancy
Scrumptious interludes
To satisfy your palate
A painting of bright colors
Freshness you can feel
A floral garden
Of victorian magic
Union Street…a gift
Share it with someone
You love


A peninsula of smooth soft sand
Jutting into mother oceans water
That salty scent empowers me
Reflecting crystal bright blue sky
The potent sun warms my bones
Off with these suffocating shoes
I want to feel the sandy beach
Under my feet between my toes
Dive deep into these clear waters
Explore colorful wondrous corals
Restoring my malevolent spirit
Activating that lively quality
Towards the tendency for fun
Feelings of self-luminous fortune
In starry eyed dreamy oneness
Listening to gentle tropical breezes
Whistling through palm tree leaves
Sailing gracefully through poetic images
Suddenly freely my heart opens wide
Expanding into a boundless space
Carrying me on a love affair with life


Bear the strength and power of creativity
Help us integrate our life experiences
So that we can be whole
And return to the great womb of creation
Home to the center of our being
To find the answers within ourselves
When the mind is quiet then there’s silence
That is where we find the inner knowing
Where dreams lead us to the pathway of our destiny


Those on the path
You hold the key
To unlock the code
Gentle loving souls
Living life in praise
Message in a phrase
Centuries have gone by
So be kind to yourself
And embrace the spirit
Know trust lies within
And the desire for touch
Is just a heartbeat away



Most desirable of all inventions
Awaiting the cosmic poet
Who shall touch it lovingly
Creating phrases and tones
Of virtuoso splendor
Plucking the heart strings
Of the listener
With its beautiful harmonic vibrations
The language of the universe


May your kindness
And gentleness
Penetrate the hearts
Of all great spirits children
So that the loving light
Of peace may guide
Us to the sacred mountain
Of life


In Tres Piedras New Mexico
There are three stones of creation
Pre-Cambrian they are
The foundation of life on earth
A crossroads in the middle of nothingness
But yet it has the potential of everything
A place to which all will come
And to which all will return
A treasure under the big blue sky
Where the sun rises and sets in blazing colors



In the hot eye
Tuning the third “I”
Geothermal cleansing
Finding the deepest meaning
In all levels of my being
Reaching the heavenly body
Mind, heart and spirit
At this moment
Embracing all there is
In great spirit



The red felt hat
With a feather on its brim
Is a truly magical hat
Place it on your head
You turn into a clown
Whose spirit jumps to life
Performing in a playful manner
Bringing sweet smiles to many a face
So don’t wear this felt hat
Unless it is your intentions
To amuse the world
With expressions of love


Standing in a fiery radiant power
Initiation in otherworldly knowledge
Grounded in a particular instance
Embracing the ethereal mystic rose
Seer of the hue of orange
The color of spiritual ecstasy
Now acting out of the solar plexus
A ray being gleaming with hope
Feeling what is wanted can be had


The mystic’s way is being
In great appreciation
And respect for the
Magic wonder of inner light
In intuitional communion
Spiritually a blazed with the
Awe of divine knowledge
The art of living in wisdom
Of being one with all
In eternal bliss of love for life


As I walk this pathway
All alone in the night
Looking down to see
Outstanding stars
Under my feet
Whose achievements
Placed their names
On this boulevard
Now I see what I am
A self-luminous being
Full of creative energy
Charged by a distant star
In the heavenly sky
To find my way to
The atmosphere
That will influence
My personal destiny
Hollywood beckons me



How sweet the music
That is created by a
Charming soft whisper
A gust of air passes
Through the flute
A harmonious vibration
Creating sound out of air
Leaving one in awe
Of the magic of breathing


It is not written in the pages of books
It is in the heart of all life
It is in the air,
the water,
the earth,
the sun.
It is in every part of your being
You are a temple
Of the loving voice
the living will
the living spirit
A living prophet of eternal light.




The temple of light
Where one transcends limits
Of material existence
Into the celestial
As one approaches
Full of grace and love
In every sacred step
A conscious presence
Breathing deep sparks
Sensor receptivity
Enhances awareness
Of astral travel
Now realizing
Those who know
Came into being
Before coming into being
Standing on heart rock
The vortex of Sedona
Star activation

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All text and images copyright © 2008 , Hinton Harrison - All Rights Reserved