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Artisit's Philosophy
Artist's Statement


We must take the right
To explore deeply the state of being
Manifested in life around us
For our expressions are stimulated
And formed by the pressures
And distortions of the society we live in
So we seek the truth
For that is what makes sense being
And the way we shall find justice
The unfortunate paradox
For the integrity of the soul
Is the risk of persecution
For the liberation of the human spirit
But I can see through your face
And read into your eyes
The many lives who you are
And trust the state of your being
For it has revealed to me
The nature of who you are
And the truth is we are one




sSitting here tuning my nature
To nature...
A deep love overcomes me
As twilight becomes glowing light
Awakening mysteries of the desert
All around beautiful wildflowers
Are blooming like sparkling jewels
Sweet songbirds fill the air
With their grateful melodies
The wind whispers secrets
As my imagination sets sail
In this open sanctuary
Reflecting on all its brilliance
The giant saguaros stand tall
Under the dome of mystic light

That turns to crimson sky
Fading into silent dreams
Upon twinkling starlight
From galaxies light years away



Dreams of nature flow through me like water
Visions of nature are like incense floating in air
As an artist I see all nature in human nature
Suspended between organic forms and words
Thinking, reasoning, categorizing and projecting
Inspired by organic nature and abstract thought
Nature reappears in the form of poetic words
Out of the imagination pops abstract concepts
Pen and paper nature and words begin to merge
The morphology of poetry becomes one in breath
Inside my being of being it tickles my enters


O... Big Sur
What is the thrill
Running through my body
Is it produced by a tone
That resonates to my bones
Or is this single complete
Just Big Sur
In me...


My liberty dwells within me,
my home, where my heart is

There she is
At the crossroads
Of Lost Wages, stripped
A Symbol...
Of Independence?
She is
A being of choice
Taking her liberty
Doing as she pleeeases...


We know where the truth lives
It is time to rise up and open
Wide the window of our hearts
Allowing our truth to blossom
Into its beauty and uniqueness
For deep in our cellular memory
From that invisible precious atom
To our distant bright source star
Sparkles or provocative genius
That can soar on wings of light
Always in reverence and grace
Living high levels of gentle spirit


Dragon master of own destiny
Gifted with magical power
Fires up our imagination
Does not let ego run ahead
Holds center for truth and light
Takes action towards goals
For noble actions are forever
Heroic heart disperses darkness
Gentle strength until provoked
Big bad huff buff blow you away
Keep this thought for protection
Hail the jewel in the minds eye
And may your heart be full of love
As we travel into the millennium


Ancient image of a vision being
Seen on gallery canyon walls
Has inspired for millions of years
Now the spirit lives in the soul
Empowering all those who see
And experience this magic land
Leaving its luring spell on all
Who pass through this sacred place
So gentle peace earth walkers
Star beings in this lifetime
Be guided by your loving hearts


Boulder the jewel flower of the plains
A stargate to the heart of the Rockies
Under the mighty mystic living sky
Now a modern city of enlightened spirits
Colorful people gather in sacred wheel
Energetic visionaries divining the secrets
Drawn by natural forces from distant places
Self reliant, persistant and ecological sound
Selecting what appears to be best for all
Everything is motion, everything is action
Always a child of the universal mindfulness
"Beautiful Boulder come to play, come to stay"


I dreamt of being a dolphin
Master voyager of the open sea
Gentle spirit of playful pleasures
Swiftly moving about place to place
Questing under water passages
Take my soul on a sacred journey
Lead me to better understand
I am the dream of the dolphin
The inner glowing of peace and love
Swimming in my dolphin dreams
Visualizing simple words of freedom


To all my precious loving friends
Life may be full of joys and sorrows
But what a precious gift life truly is
Here on earth unrestrained
On your journey of self-inquiry
Free to express your human nature
Awakening to the miracle of your divinity
In total intimacy with the heart of spirit
Trusting in yourself to find your way
May your star rise and shine brightly
May peace find room in your home
And delight in exhilarating joy
In this new year 2004


Seers seek solitude in natures grace
Zip code through the fiery portal
Finding themselves when transported
In rhythm with bell rock age
Soaking in illuminating vibrant magic
Lost in wonder and mysteries splendor
Juniper, pine and sage scent the air
Stimulating senses to higher frequencies
Astronomical are the mystic starry nights
Connecting to one's very own source astrology
Triggers a visionaries imagination
Activating cellular memory of those
Tribal divine beings on wings of light
Who come from distant constellations
Pre-encoded with an inevitable destiny
With zip code, eight.six.three.three.six


Puts one on the path
In prayerful harmony
With sky, mountain and
The magnificent pacific ocean
In a vortex of initiation
Realizing the gift of life
Exploring human potential
Being present in all the glory
Summiting spiritual joy
Of personal enlightenment
Blooming like a flower
Touched by the esalen spirit


The year 1998 what an exciting one
At the crossroads of cultural rebellion
A rendezvous at this point and time
Proving beneficial for all present
A chance to meet like in free nature
It offers more than just wild behavior
Slam yourself the poets scream words
From the podium personal confessions
Where illegal substance is poetry dope
Having no fear of entangled emotions
Looming indeed and provoking insights
Lost are old ways of expressing truths
Long, short hair pierced tattooed bodies
Styling fashions that have no period
Being the worlds greatest rebels
At a androgynous tribal free for all
Along the santa fe way fires are lit
New words are created and traded
In cafes over steaming coffee brews
Where once was sun dried prairies
The gathering place of ancient ones
Adorned in buffalo robes painfully
Bargained away old nomadic ways.


Playful thoughts of lust overcome me
And feelings of intense desire awaken
I begin to delight in a fond fantasy
Exploding in my mind like fireworks
That inspire a glitter in the eye
That sparkles like stars in the night
Locking kisses that ignite a fire
Making two flaming hearts beat as one
Sending passion running through our veins
The sweet scent of volcanic lust erupts
As we embrace in a bed of hot lava flow
Smoothly moving bundles of emotions
Climbing to the summit of ecstasy
Reaching for that over-powering joy
Leaving us equally blissfully lifeless
Like a precious flower so beautiful
Having it does not last forever
Only in the power of memory
Does a fantastic moment of lust
Become a surreal experience
In the minds of the participants


The big apple so tempting
Your luring lust
Seduces my curiosity
My salivation
Sends uncontrollable sensations
Running through my veins
I can not stop the urge
As I desire to bite
Into your life
Juices exploding in my mouth
As I swallow your fertile bites
Your molecules send electrons
To my neurons enveloping
My imagination
Exciting stimuli yielding fruitfully
The visions of my mind
Like magic I give life
To an idea created from impulse


A tapestry of richly woven
Treasures of worldly spirits
That you hold dear to your heart
It's a ride upon a magic carpet
A romance through golden light
And bouquets of floral delights
Raptures in drifting fog misty nights
Sending chills over sensitive souls
Enduring affairs of tender love
Creating everlasting memories


A city of contrast and life styles
Silhouetted against star spangled constellations
Extraordinary collection of people
Between shore and rolling hills
Harboring communities of ancestors
Of adventure and opportunity
Looking for liberty and justice for all
A city famed for vessels built for exploration
Now harbor a new generation eager to set sail
Intuition is their navigational instrument
Of the open sea of consciousness
Psychic voyagers they are the new pioneers
Of an emerging baltimore


This vast land that has become ethnically rich
With spirits drawn here of independent nature
To a grandeur reflected in all its natural beauty
A collection of folksy treasures in a friendly climate
With an easy going sense of humor in a confident way
Where big night skies reflect the twinkle in their eyes
A loving openness that spreads like the breathtaking
Beauty across the prairies and plains to horizon
To horizon...rainbows that seem to float in the sky
Over golden buffalo grass between rolling hills
Sandy beaches...tropical valleys and fields of flowers
Deserts and sage...so y'all...breathe deep the legends
And myths romanticized by lightning inspired images
From yuppie to gypsy poets of a new ameritexatonian
Lone star aspiring to be free only serving the higher self
Deep in the heart of a true texan is the famous motto
"I am besieged....I shall never surrender or retreat"


Can peace and materialism coexist?
For one who desires peace
Prepares for War
So look into the mirror
Of your celestail being
Peer into your heart of love
And listen to the gentle whisper
Of the peace within your heart
For life is a precious gift
Realized through acceptance
Shine on peace star forever
Lighting the path you walk upon


Inspired by desire
Seven little lights
Illuminate the psyche
Filling the heart
With loving joy
Sparks a simple smile
The key to serenity
Unlocks the portal
For a happy spirit
Having a poetic awakening
I am, a gem of destiny
Polished by life


Is being a sensitive sensor
A mystic magnetic receiver
Visionary channeling monitor
With crystal clear intuition
Connected to thy cellular vortex
In harmonic resonance with
Sacred sedona red rocks
Unlocks radiant energy nectar
Increases frequency synchronicity
Indigo children of the stars
Messengers of light vibrations
And may your precious heart
Be full of beauty and love.....


Being a witness to a single crop circle pattern
Became a visual meditation that signaled a affirmation
To explore deeply a thought provoking insight
Into the triad of beauty, truth and goodness
And discover a universal symbol of creativity
A recurring self-similarity in all of nature
That mystifying part in the whole
The golden mean spiral of life forces
Which awakens ones personal spiritual atonement
For we are a receptive and enlighten star being human
The manifestation of spirit in the physical world
A living art form of the sacred geometry of creation
As below, so above...peace and love to all my relations


Awaken from your sleep
Unfold those wings of light
Stand barefooted on the earth
Under the sunny blue sky
In the magic of your being
Breathing deeply healing elements
That activate the shining star
Which lives within your temple
Light the path you walk upon
Inspiring love and beauty
In all those who bless you
With their precious presences
Children of the light
May peace always be with you


Free the mind from restriction
Move from conformity
To the boundless in life
A transparent being full of light
Wading in the sparkling bliss
Acting out of the deep spectrum
Of cellular mystic wisdom
The fertile primordial knowledge
Sparked by thunder and lightening
Swept away by devine love


Truly a "mystic independent"
In the myth of red rocks
Embodying all it's culture
Connecting to the sacred
Nourishing the joy of life
Deep within every cell
The wisdom of eternal love
Living the essences of spirit
In this magical paradise
Tuning intuitive awareness
To be in harmony with all creation
An enlightened sensitive soul
Holds the radiant flame of peace
Focused intentions of compassion
In every breath of air
Soaring on celestial wings
In astro-nomical freedom
Of infinite galatical possibilities
Has crystal clarity of vision
Contented in the soulfulness of being
The sedonist inspired by nature

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by Hinton Harrison

There is a way to Peace,
the Heart way.

Sitting here, taking in this spectacular sunset and all there is in this moment, I wonder what Art is and who really has the rights to what we see, if by definition Art is the human effort to create, imitate, supplement, alter, or counter act the work of nature. It seems that capturing nature in any medium would be plagiarizing God’s creation. It sure is an interesting concept to “own” this picture of the setting sun and all there is in this surrounding landscape at this moment. I am always pondering this thought, which is another subject worthy of investigation.

In most indigenous cultures there is no word for art. Art is just being. It is our action (karma) in daily life. There is no word for God in the Inca language. The only word to express this concept is breath. Breath is life and life is all about breathing.

I believe our very existence in its truest form is art, a miracle, and a unique creation. We are a masterpiece, a molecular phenomenon formed into a human temple for the Holy Spirit in the physical world. We all came here to be emissaries of love and peace. We find ways to express ourselves. My purpose in this life is to be an artistic expression of the light within. My lighthearted nature is expressed in concepts that are produced in many mediums from performing, film, photos, poetry and collages. Just being myself is an artistic expression.

My passion for expressing myself goes back as long as I can remember. It is a pre-encoded destiny to be an artistic visual expression of the light within me sparked by a distant star. A brilliant connection that inspires me to radiate the joy I have for life. My erratic, unpredictable nature is always undergoing transformative change. On our journey while visiting this precious place we call Mother Earth, our Home. In the indigenous culture of the Americas, Earth is called Turtle Island.




I use stars in all my creations because for me the star means light, direction, guidance and uplifting insight into creating visionary art. It is associated with energy, clarity that is needed to actualize goals as when you wish upon a star. Stars are symbols of inner light that shine forth in the darkness. For example, the star is the symbol of Hollywood and all its glamour and success. Celebrities are called “stars.”

I have always set my course by a spark of light that dwells deep in me and that shines bright like the light of a candle that has been passed down generation to generation. This light is my hope and I trust my ability to survive. My guiding light gives me the insight into the joy, rapture, and power that has no external trappings. When I express my visions, they are as real to me as those that command countries I am always fascinated by how people respond to the images I create. It is a way of understanding the human psyche and human nature. For me it is a therapeutic process and could be expressed as revolutionary. The significance of my observations is expressed in my art. My art is an expression of who I am and through my art I express my appreciation for life. And if I can inspire just one person, this is my priceless reward.

Here is a quote I would like everyone to think about: “Sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notion, follow humbly wherever and to what ever abyss nature leads, or you shall learn nothing” – T.H.Huxley


by Hinton Harrison

My artistic style has evolved through the years and is an expression of my childhood aspirations. My journey has taken me from my great grandmother’s small farmyard in Claremont, Virginia where I can remember the moment of inspiration when I was three years old. My grandmother came to pick me up on a Saturday morning to take me into town, Waverly, Virginia, to see a movie, the first time in my life. The movie was “The Circus” starring Charlie Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin took me visually into a fascinating world full of mystery and curiosity. This experience had an enormous impact on me that would spark my passion for film. The silver screen captured my imagination and the wonder of how that works. Out of a hole in the wall streaming light was projected onto a silver screen with moving images of an animated character bigger than life. I stood on my seat leaning on the back of the seat in front of me, mesmerized as I reached out with my hand trying to touch the magic that was streaming above my head.

My journey was set in motion and my love for the performing arts would become my marriage that eventually lead me to a master; Tony Montanaro of Celebration Mime Theatre, South Paris, Maine, where I would begin my craft as a performer. This opened a new portal that led me to many adventures to perform with the Children’s Theatre of Maine; The Bangor Ballad; Street Corner Mime a performing name for my own performance company; Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus, 1976 Bicentennial Celebration as a performer of many different character’s and as an advance promotional clown. Performed at Six Flags Over America Amusement Park. I appeared on “Small Wonders Children’s Television,” San Francisco: “Kids World,” “Duck Duck Goose,” “Skipper Chuck” and “Romper Room” in Miami, Florida.

I have studied with L.A. Actors Lab, Burgess Meredith Summer Workshop Project and appeared in many national television commercials and films. Also studied and performed with the Grove Mont Theatre in Cannery Row and the Forrest Theatre in Carmel, California.

I was a fashion model doing print, runway and industrial films with Jimmy Grimme and Stars modeling agencies in San Francisco. In Miami Michelle Pommier Model agency kept me busy with print, runway, industrial films, T.V. commercial, and films. I went on tour doing special events and nightclubs with Howard Schwartz Promotional Group.


Here are a few of my credits that I am proud to share: producer and director of Aspen Children’s Festival; Snowmass Puppet Festival 1982 Colorado; Aspen Grassroots Public Television creating the Hinton Special; “Feed and Clothe the Children,” “Life style of the Poor and Unknown,” and “Cowboy on a Bike.”

My concerns for peace since returning from Vietnam have been a continuing priority as evidenced by my participation in “The Great Peace March Across America 1986.” In 1990, I created, directed and produced, “Continuing the Vision for Peace.” I worked as an assistant volunteer with the founder and director of “Project Planet Earth,” Claire Chappellet, who encouraged and supported artist for environmental concerns globally. In 1995, I did a documentary called “The Journey for Peace and Healing in the Americas” with Connie Marlow, the founder of “Friends of the Earth People.”

I published Coyote Bark/Poetic Art a ragazine journal of contemporary literature and poetry from 1990 to 2001. I have received awards from “Hollywood Famous Poets Society” and have been honored by “Mile High Poetry Society” in Colorado.

In 2002/03 I graduated from the narrative program at the Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Filmmaking in Sedona, Arizona. I received the “Hurricane Award” from Dan Gordon, the founder of ZGIIF, for my film “Shadow Being” that I wrote, produced and directed.

In 2004/05 I completed the documentary program at the Zaki Gordon Institute with my thesis film 7007 Sunsets. Presently I am living in the Los Angeles area, networking and raising capital to continue production on my film.

I invite you to browse through my gallery of photos, art, poetry, short stories and short films like “She is Poetry,” “Apache Vision,” “Bicycling in Austin,” “Othello In Aspen,” and “Shadow Being,” and some “mini shorts”.

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